Appointment Reminders

Our automated appointment reminder call service allows anyone (i.e. physicians, dentists, therapists, etc.) who needs to contact their patients the ability to schedule and automatically call their patients with a personalized human voice message. With our service you can dramatically reduce no show problems or last minute cancellations.  Callpointe will deliver your appointment reminders via phone, text (SMS), and/or email.

How It Works

Callpointe will create an integration with your scheduling software to extract your appointment information. Once the information has been collected, the data is then encrypted and transmitted to Callpointe’s data center via the internet. When the data is received it is filtered and placed in the calling queue to begin calling your patients during the time you specify. That is all it takes to have all your appointments called! One thing you may see missing is your staff’s involvement, that’s because they don’t need to get involved on a daily basis. It is really that simple.

Our Technology

We developed a fully digital network providing us call progress detection accuracy that far exceeds other solutions. Call progress detection is simply the ability to determine how the phone was answered, either by a person or an answering machine. You may ask if this is critical, and the answer is yes! It can mean the difference between leaving a complete message on the answering machine and only a short segment of the message.

Are you concerned about the pause that accompanies most automated messages? In fact any pause after the first sound could lead a patient to hang up or could lead to improper call diagnosis. Also, older analog systems frequently and incorrectly interpret telephone company messages as answering machines and report them back to the practice as a call answered by a machine. With our digital technology we have overcome these problems so there are no more pauses or improper diagnosis of calls when you use Callpointe’s service. We are proud of our digital network and the advantages it will bring to your experience. We truly believe that our technology is second to none and our customer service is the reason our customers stay with us!

Flexible Messaging

The key to a successful appointment reminder call is flexibility and consistency. Callpointe will work with you to craft a message that fits the culture of your practice. We can provide suggestions based on the feedback we have received from our extensive years of experience. Would you like a different message for specific providers or locations? No problem! How about a unique message for specific appointment types? No problem!

Callpointe strives to create a seamless message for you, so your messages are all human voice recordings. Many calling services will use a Text-to-Speech computer generated message to cut cost, but we feel a human voice recording is worth the extra effort.

In the end, what the practice wants is what they get. Typically a practice will have a new patient, existing patient, and several specialty messages.

Seamless Integration

What does it mean to have a seamless integration? A seamless integration is where your staff does not have to interact with their scheduling software on a daily basis to provide us with the daily appointment information. Callpointe’s technical staff will install a data extract program on your computer; at that point the system will function without staff interaction. Callpointe’s customers often “forget” we’re even there until they remember their no-shows are almost non-existent.

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